One year since last BEST Course – YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT

As you may already know, BEST organizes many different projects throughout the year- there are a lot of competitions, hackathons… But among them there is one really special event that gives students the opportunity to travel, spend about 10 days in one of the European cities, make friends all around Europe, and develop their knowledge about certain topics. The projects we are talking about are the BEST Courses.

BEST Courses include two main aspects – educational and social. 
As for the educational part, participants attend lectures given by the university’s teaching staff or by experts from companies. In the end, students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants’ success. But that is not the only “learning” part of the event, because social activities that are the second part of it, give them an opportunity to discover new cultures and traditions of Europe.

One year ago, BEST Belgrade organised the 15th BEST Course in Belgrade, and the topic of the course was “You are what you eat”. There are no words to explain such 10 day experience and all the unforgettable moments that happened during the event! We were pleased to welcome 25 students (now our friends) from 16 different European countries, show them Serbian culture and tradition, many beautiful places in Belgrade, and participants also had a chance to go on a weekend trip to Novi Sad!

We were dancing kolo – a traditional Serbian dance, in front of the Government building, enjoying the bohemian spirit during a dinner in Skadarlija, singing and dancing in Knez Mihajlova Street and Kalemegdan fortress… And all participants also passed an exam at the end of the course and showed us they are true experts in the field of Food Science!

During the official closing, we watched the after movie of the event, and it’s hard to explain that feeling when we realized the course was over. Many of us were crying because it was hard to say goodbye, but also laughing because there were so many funny moments. But the most beautiful fact is that, even one year later, we are still looking for opportunities to see each other and have reunions all around Europe. That’s the magic of BEST Courses – even when they are over, we always know that we have good friends to visit in many different cities and countries.

Core Team of the 2019 BEST Belgrade Course would like to thank all the people who joined us on the journey, and to say to all of our lovely participants – we miss you guys, and thank you for everything! You are always welcome in Belgrade and we hope to see you soon again!

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