Alumni about BEST

“First thing I do remember when someone mention BEST Belgrade are amazing people I met during 4 years in the organisation. Then I remember all the unforgettable trips, parties and of course priceless experience which helped me to get my first job position. BEST Belgrade is definitely the best thing that happened to me during my studies and if I could go back in time, I would choose BEST again.”

Miloš Jovanović
predsednik 2007/08

“6.02.2007.- First BEST meeting where I’m saying my first name, last name, year of a studies and the faculty. Two more people are introducing themselves, after 6,5 months both of them in the Board with me. Since then 1553 days in BEST happened. 107 days out of the country, 465 friends in Europe, 1 twin sister founded for all the times, 40 cities where I have place to sleep and a tour guide. 35800 photos with the best BEST friends, only 400 of them with building in behind. Countless number of coffees and sent emails and each moment worth of effort because I’m better person today. I wouldn’t change any day. I will never forget any crossed border or any hug with my friends. And I will always go back to BEST.”

Danijela Popović
blagajnik 2007/08

“I tought that my time in BEST would be temporary. I was wrong! After I felt the atmosphere and friendship, I couldn’t imagine myself at any other place!.
Now, 4 years after I joined BEST, I can say I wouldn’t change anything. BEST changed my life in a good way, encouraged me to take a big steps through life, as well that everything is possible with effort and hardwork.
With BEST I travelled through more than a half of Europe, where I experienced the most amazing things. I made a friendships with a lot of quality people and came to the situation to have a friend anywhere in Europe and Serbia. Besides that, with BEST I have learned how to act responsible, do big things and be a leader in a team of 150 enthusiastic members..
And remember – how much you give to BEST, BEST will give you back two times more!

Marko Topalović
predsednik 2008/09

“How I joined BEST? First time I heard about BEST was in 2004, when Spring Courses promotion happened. It sounded interesting to me, since back then that was a rare organisation which didn’t insist for you to be a member to have any kind of benefit. Instead, it was the organisation which was giving opportunities to all students. So I decided to join.What made me to stay? Summer Course 2004. I spontaneously joined the Course realization, which was organised by BEST Belgrade, by being whole day and night with the participants. After that I attended two Regional Meetings, was one out of two Main Organisers of the Course 2005 and in the fall became a president.Why am I today a dinosaur proud of spending all those years in Karnegijeva 4?
Because BEST Belgrade gave a possibility to hundreds of students from Belgrade to travel around of Europe.Because BEST Belgrade gave a possibility to hundreds of students from Europe to visit Belgrade.Because BEST Belgrade helped two more Universities from Serbia to become a members of BEST network.Because BEST Belgrade organised everything that can be organised since 2003.!Because BEST and EESTEC founded only JobFair for students of technology and science! And I do remember a first one.
Because I know hunders of people more.
Because BEST gave me friends for life!”

Mirko Grujičić
predsednik 2005/06

“I joined BEST because I wanted to repeat everything I experienced in Madrid. That was my first trip with BEST, even though I wasn’t a member (yes, that is possible). I wanted to have in Belgrade what I had in Madrid – good time and positive atmosphere.
Everything else came after it. To be honest, I can’t really tell what lead from me translating some text on English to be Main Organiser of the JobFair and president of BEST Belgrade, later. Only thing I know, it was interesting all the time.
Job Interview I had for my current job position started with a question: “What do you exactly do in BEST?”. It’s not ike it is a waste of time, right?
For all of sentimentalis heret: all late night meetings, all the events where I had huge responsibility to take on and the events that were bringing all the stress, all the worries about fundraising money for the project we were organising… All of it is just a small black dot on a white T-’shirt of happiness for everything I had in BEST. And yes, the T-shirt could be washed on, but that T-shirt wouldn’t be the T-shirt without that black dot. So, join BEST and find your black dot on a white T-shirt! Opposite, you will have just one more white T-shirt.”

Momčilo Kovač
predsednik 2009/10