Regionalna runda inženjerskog takmičenja – EBEC Balkan

EBEC Balkan represents second, regional round  of  European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), which will take place from  7th – 11th of  May at  The Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering and The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade. The competition is organized by the Local BEST Groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina , Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Host of this year’s EBEC Balkan is LBG Belgrade. EBEC Balkan was  first organized in year 2010 by a group of young enthusiast from BEST Belgrade. The name was BuREC (Balkan Regional EBEC Competition). One of the initiators were Matija Lukić and Marija Gogić, in that time students of Belgrade University. This is their  EBEC story:

“In summer of 2009 the whole BEST was carefully watching what was going on in Ghent, where the first final round of engineering competitions was held. Among those who were present, LBG Belgrade had one representative that came back full of impressions. Upon his return, the whole LBG was in full swing preparing for the upcoming Job Fair, but a group of individuals recognized the potential of engineering competitions immediately. LBG Belgrade initialized the organization of engineering competitions in the region. Although there were doubts regarding six LBGs organizing a project together (Beograd, Niš, Novi Sad, Patras, Skopje and Sofia), we proved that anything is possible with good will and motivation.

First Balkan Engineering Competition – BalkanREC 2010, was created with great effort and hopes, paving the road for future mutual projects between LBGs of this region. Companies were contacted for the first time on regional level, all local rounds were carefully monitored, the visual identity of an engineering competition was created that followed the coherency on all local levels of local groups that were participating in the regional round and also the regional round.  The event was accompanied by four national televisions and even more local  medias and portals. Unfortunately, how fast the project was created, so quickly he disappeared. The following year the event wasn’t held due to financial difficulties. It took several years for the project to be reincarnated, this time under a new name – EBEC Balkan. “

The contestants are students from technical colleges and they will compete in two disciplines – Case Study and Team Design.

Team Design represents the most creative type of competition and consists of solving a certain engineering problem by designing and constructing a specific device such as: crane, catapult, aircraft, bridge or a musical instrument.

Case Study consists of solving a technical-managerial problem, which is provided by a certain engineering company. In this category, the students will present their solutions, presentational skills and acquired knowledge.

Winners of EBEC Balkan will qualify for the final EBEC round, which will be held in Porto this August. Last year, EBEC Balkan Team Design winners won third place on EBEC Final in Riga. This is their message to future EBEC Balkan winners:

“Don’t take everything too seriously. Use this chance to have fun, get around the city and meet other contestants, because they will be your best support! Treat them like collaborators and not rivals. Have fun, because fun and friendship are EBEC. On the other hand, make sure to follow the rules. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas can be in collision with the metrics of  the competition. Adjust to that and remember – Everything that is not explicitly forbidden is actually allowed.”

See you in Belgrade!