“Web development using WordPress” – an expert international academic seminar

An expert international academic seminar

Web development using WordPress

6th – 14th August 2015


The Board of European Students of Technology – BEST Belgrade is organizing this year free expert international academic seminar from 6th to 14th August in Belgrade. The seminar titled “Web development using WordPress” will bring students current topics in the field of information technology. All interested students can apply until June 21 at www.BEST.rs/sc15.

During the seminar, students of Belgrade University will have the opportunity to expand their current knowledge of PHP programming language and become familiar with the Symfony2 work environment, which is  currently one of the leading environment for PHP.

In addition to students from Serbia, participants of the seminar will also be students from universities from 33 European countries. With arriving in Belgrade, foreign participants will gain new and improve existing knowledge of the WordPress system. At the end of a seminar there will be test, so the students can check the taught material. Most universities in Europe take the International BEST professional academic trainings for an important extracurricular activities, so for attending this seminar participants will probably receive ECTS credits. Also, in addition to lectures and workshops, foreign participants will have the opportunity to learn about Serbian culture in the best way, throughout organized social programs, visiting major attractions of Belgrade and Serbia, and through other interesting activities.

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an international, student, nonprofit, apolitical, non-governmental organization whose aim is to provide students of technological and science colleges with complementary education, develop their potential, and assist in starting a career in the profession area. This organization for its 25 years of existence, successfully connects students, companies and universities, improving and deepening students’ capacities and potentials. Every year, BEST Belgrade aims to highlight the importance of organizing this project. Year after year, the Board handles a variety of engineering topics, which manages to bring together local and foreign students, emphasize the importance of cultural diversity and enrich the informal knowledge of young engineers.

The project is supported by Devana Technologies company, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  Faculty of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Traffic Engineering.

For more information about the seminar, please look at www.BEST.rs/sc15 , as well as at the official website of the Association www.BEST.rs .