Spring Course

It is our great pleasure to inform you that BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Belgrade will organize the 12th International Academic Seminar on the exploitation of oil, called Life cycle of an oil field ‘‘.


This year seminar will be held from 2nd to 11th May 2014  in cooperation with Faculty of Mining and Geology and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy.

The seminar participants will be able to acquire basic knowledge about the exploitation of oil and also do some practical work during a visit to the Oil Refinery – NIS.

The main objectives of the seminar are:

• providing basic knowledge through lectures by eminent professors of the University of Belgrade,
as well as leading experts from companies with which students will work together;

practical work through case studies and various workshops, visits to institutes, factories,
museums and companies themselves;

gaining new contacts and  making friends through team work on the project;

exploring the culture, customs and way of life in Belgrade and Serbia;

For more information about seminar please visit this site:  http://best.rs/spc14/ .