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Devana Technologies company was founded in Belgrade in 2010. The original name of the company was “Prelovac Media”. In the beginning the Prelovac Media company had only four employees, armed with optimism and a desire to succeed, and only one room.

First major success Devana Technologies company achieved in 2012, when their, now already a well-known service, was put on the market. Same year, the number of ManageWP sites jumped to 100,000,  and in 2013 it overgrew to 200,000 sites. Service ManageWP currently has subscribers in over 100 countries, and that number is constantly increasing. This service is known and significant by a lot of institutions that have recognized the quality of this product: NASA, Stanford University, Harvard and Berkeley and many others.

Here usually comes a closing sentence which ends the story of the history of the company, but for Devana Technologies this represents just the end of the prologue.

To the question: Why do I get up each morning and go to work? – employee in Devana Technologies, will be always ready to answer in positive mood:

“Because we want Serbia to remain a country recognized for its quality products, where we and our children will be proud to live. The country where the lack of talented people and the challenges for them is not a problem for which they have to go abroad and build their vision there.”

That is why we create our intellectual property in Serbia, and we are not a “development office” – because it is our pledge for the future of Serbia. We help local ecosystem through cooperation with universities and student organizations. We give 10% of profits (only this year $ 70,000 USD) to the development of society through programs of the Foundation “Zivojin Misic” covering system. We are improving the education of young, talented people and serving them as a step for further progress.