During the year, each of the 96 local BEST groups organizes within their university a professional course which aims to education, learning about other cultures and fostering diversity. The courses last 7-14 days and include lectures, learning about the host city and evening gatherings. The theme and the content of the course are determined before the open date, and every student can except destination to select also and theme that fits his profession and apply for a course. Students who want to apply for a course in one of the cities in which it is organized, they have to make an account on the Internet page On this website there is a list of cities and topics of each course. By filling out the application form and writing motivational letter, students are applying for the selected course. In the course can be accepted 22 students from all cities where there is a local BEST group, and well-written motivational letter is the most important criteria when applying. The opportunity to apply from Belgrade have all students at technological and science faculties of the University of Belgrade.

Most  universities in Europe recognized BEST courses as significant out of teaching activity, so for attending this course students receive ECTS. At the University of Belgrade only a certain number of faculties recognize credits obtained in this way. Certificate of attendance is issued by the university city where the course was held. Attending the course is completely free, the food is provided including the accommodation and all out of teaching activities which are predicated on the curriculum. A student who is admitted to the course must submit to the BEST local group confirmation that he is the student at University of Belgrade, pass the language check, and if the student is chosen he must leave a deposit of 30 euros as a confirmation that he will definitely travel to the course. The deposit will be returned to the student upon returning to Serbia. The only thing the local BEST group does not provide is the reimbursement of travel expenses to the city where the course is held. Students with a high average during the study can obtain a confirmation from the local BEST groups and thus in the municipality applied for a refund of travel expenses.

During the year, more than 7,000 students visit the university centers across Europe and in that way contribute to the development of their own education.

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