BEST Career Day

What is BEST Career Day again?

During the General Assembly Bucharest, BEST will organise a concept of Official Opening Day that already started with its first edition on General Assembly Valladolid.

The event will be BEST Career Day and the companies and universities attending the event will select and invite 100 students willing to participate in the Job Fair, Workshops and Company Presentations together with GA delegates. They will also have the opportunity to have a face to face interview with the companies that selected them. Event will be targeted at external students, though BEST members will be able to apply as well.


Who can apply?

Only students of technology and alumni from Universities with a Local BEST Group can apply and the application is valid in case of having the CV more than 70% completed, filling in the profile on and answering 3 questions – no motivation letter is needed. Companies and universities will check the CVs of applicants and will select 100 students who will attend the event.

Where and how can they do that?

Students and Alumni (graduated students) will be able to apply in this page. Applications will run from the 6th of January until the 15th of February.

In order for their applications to be accepted, they will have to be validated by their local BEST group. Unlike the other External Events, in this one, alumni are part of the target group. This means that, exceptionally, you will be allowed to validate alumni accounts.

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Do you have any more doubts?
Having doubts is totally fine since we’re dealing with a new procedure. If you have them, please reach us at
Additionally, a FAQ will be available in the event website.
We have tested the procedure and we are confident it will work. If, for some reason, something is not functioning properly, we appreciate if you would report to us so that we can fix it as fast as possible and so that we can have the most successful BEST Career Day ever.