Belgrade Engineering Days – EBEC Belgrade

The project European BEST Engineering Competition has as its mission to provide an opportunity for the students of the faculties of technical and technological studies of sciences and mathematics of University in Belgrade. The students can show their skill set and capabilities by participating in a local engineering competition in two categories – Team design and Case Study.  For the 8th time in a row, organized by  Board of European Students of Technology, BEST Belgrade, the project will be elaborated at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This will be held from March 12th to 16th.


I think that “Belgrade Engineering days – EBEC Belgrade” provide an excellent opportunity for young colleagues to apply their knowledge in a real environment and to demonstrate their abilities. This is a great opportunity to experience the challenges of the profession they chose. The significance of this project is to connect young experts with representatives of the domestic economy, encouraging their employment in Serbia.

Prof. dr. Ivanka Popović,  Vice Rector for Science of the University of Belgrade

The winners on the local level, will qualify to participate in the Balkan Regional Engineering Competition, which will be held in Belgrade from May 7th to 12th. Students who win first place in this round will qualify for the final European engineering competition, which will take place in Porto. Last year’s winners of the Belgrade team of design engineers, won the first place on the regional contest in Niš, then in Riga and the third place in the final competition.

Team Design is the most creative type of competition which involves solving problems by constructing and designing a specific device with a given function such as: crane, catapult, aircrafts, bridge or a musical instrument. In this way , students demonstrates their creativity, technical knowledge, ability to work in a team, as well as other features that should adorn the young engineers.

Case Study refers to the resolution of technical and managerial problems, which are set by a company of a certain engineering profession. In this category, students will present their solutions and thus test their presentational skills and the knowledge acquired.

Within the organization of the Belgrade engineering days – Open Space Technology, interactive workshops will be organized and there the students will have the opportunity to discuss with representatives of companies and work on solving the current problems that companies face today.